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We are artists, producers and right holders. We represent the full rights of our music in the UK, in Ireland, in all member – states of the EU and in the rest of the world.

We equally represent world famous artists, however we love music and we need to have our music heard. We believe that if our music becomes part of a larger repertoire, it will actually be lost and our rights will not not be guarded the way we wish.


Our goal is to use technology to reach end users, gather royalties and distribute money in a transparent way.

When the end user receives and pays an invoice for the royalties of our repertoire, that amount is immediately divided and posted into right holder digital wallet accounts. The right holders have an immediate, real time access to all money collected and will be able to request a payout whenever funds are available.

We create solutions to make our life as artists and right holders easier, using technology to automate royalty management tasks.

Our team has deep experience in royalty management.