Royalties are collected and distributed based on our applicable tariffs. There is a range of tariffs to cover the different uses of music across various venue types.

Royalties are distributed according to the following scheme: from the related rights, 50% goes to the music producer / publisher, 25% to the singers and 25% to the performing musicians.

Please be aware that:

  • Businesses with more than one branch are obliged to pay the aforementioned fees for each branch separately.
  • In case the fee is not paid during the year that it concerns, the fee is charged with operating and legal expenses and costs.
  • Proportionate tax is not included in the aforementioned fees.
  • Public spaces that operate as bars, cafes, restaurants, snack bars, food courts etc are subject to categories A and B of this tariff table. In case of public evens held in those public spaces an extra additional fee is applied as specified above.